What ages are best for Elevating KIDS?

Children ages 4-16 tend to benefit the most from our program. Some three-year-olds will catch on just fine, depending on the child. As a parent, use your best judgement. Take our FREE Sensory Development Mini Course to see if your child responds to the testing videos. Children older than 16 can benefit as well, as long as you can do the exercises with them. Each child is different.

Does my child need a diagnosis to do Elevating KIDS courses?

No. Whether you're in the process of getting a diagnosis for your child, haven't started, or your child falls into that "gray area," they can benefit from our program.

How is sensory integration therapy different than occupational or physical therapy?

Sensory integration therapy looks directly at the underlying neurological CAUSE of the child's behavior or inability to cope with their surroundings. When we are able to improve proper neurological function through sensory integration therapy, additional therapies such as occupational, speech, language, behavior, visual and physical therapy given to the child will be that much more effective.

Does sensory integration therapy replace behavior therapies like ABA?

No. Sensory integration therapy does not replace behavior therapies or any other therapies such as speech & language, occupational, etc. In fact, if an individual is receiving such therapies, sensory integration therapy will enhance their ability to succeed in those therapies. It supports the connection and the communication between the body and brain—to help the child to be able to respond better to sensory stimuli around them, thus improving their behavior.





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